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The Heartland Cruisers sponsored the last leg in the Wolfman Cruise.
Some of our members were able to go on this cruise touring between Comanche, Marble Falls and ending in Brownwood.

Wolfman and Jordan

The cruise arrived at Heartland Mall 3:00p.m. for a small show and to practice the traditional
activitiy of signing the head of a fellow cruiser. This year the honorary head, belonged to Fred.
Click Fred's Head 1 or Fred's Head 2 to view a short video of this unusual ceremony.


Fred's Head

Below are a few photos taken at the Heartland Mall. Click to enlarge.






At 6:00 everyone gathered at the Early Chamber of Commerce parking lot to enjoy the evening with over 60 cars there.

The 50's music was supplied by Dean Olin from his diner design trailer and his vintage 45 collection. Cruisers were able to

participate in the bumper to bumper contest.

Click on any thumbnail to enlarge a photo from this cruise.




Sunday morning those who had braved the cruise to the very end assembled in the lobby at the host hotel, , in Early and reveiwed all
the events from the last three days. The Wolfman and Bonnie awarded items to the ones who could answer trivia questions about the cruise.

This was an awsome chance to get together with fellow car enthusists and promote the hobby, good fellowship, and our area.


Thanks to all.

The co-sponsors for this Early/Brownwood cruise night were:





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